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We provide brands with a highly effective and commercial method of reaching a wider audience to increase sales and revenue. We offer access to our closed-user groups and wider public members, allowing us to restrict or stretch the reach based on each brands needs. Plus, for every purchase our members make, we’ll donate a percentage of our commission to their chosen good cause. Your brand naturally benefits from the great PR that surrounds this.

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  • No hidden costs*

  • Increase brand revenue

  • Highly engaged traffic

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*Commission fee’s only.

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NHS & Healthcare Staff

Supporting Our Nation’s Heroes

Our audiences are made up of real life super heroes. They make a huge contribution to our society, working long hours for often little reward. We’re here to give something back. Back to those who give so much for often little reward. Back to the services that protect our families and communities.

We’re here to make a difference.


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Awesome Brand PR

We donate a portion of any commission we receive to our members chosen organisation or related charity by way of a ‘Cash Kick’. By supporting our members with money saving discounts, your brand will also be contributing to good causes throughout the UK, from our amazing NHS Trusts to Schools, Universities and their related Charities.

Your brand will be helping to make a difference.

Our Brands

Our first scheme is giving back to our real-life super heroes working in our amazing NHS.

Health Service Kicks

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