Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that hold a small amount of data about you and stored on your computer. They hold information about your use of our website and allows us to read and use this data to provide you with more useful information and improve our website.

How we use cookies

By continuing to browse our website or mobile app, you accept our use of cookies. Cookies are enabled by default on most web browsers, but these can be disabled if you choose to. Our website depends on the data stored in these cookies to provide our service. Disabling cookies will prevent essential functionality from working that our service depends on and we’ll be unable to provide discounts to our members and cash ‘kicks’ donations to our good causes.

We strongly advise enabling cookies to ensure you gain the full value of using our service.

Retailer cookies

Our retail partners all use their own cookies for their own individual purposes. Please visit their own cookie policies for a clear view as to how they use this data.

Affiliate networks

We use affiliate networks to track referrals and sales on our brand partner websites. This allows us to claim commission for those referrals and donate a percentage of that commission by way of our cash ‘kicks’ to the members chosen good cause. These affiliate networks and our service are both dependent on cookies to store this sale data. By disabling cookies, we’ll be unable to provide our service. The cookie is set by the affiliate network when you click through to any of our partner websites and any sales information is then passed back to us by the retailer so we can donate our cash ‘kicks’ donations to your chosen good cause. The cookie is used for the purpose of tracking sales, providing cashback where applicable and allocating cash ‘kicks’ donations to good causes.

Cookies used by us

A list of cookies we use can be provided on request by contacting our customer service team.

Further information

If you would like to know a bit more about cookies and how they work you can visit where you will find some further information.